Besides the many specialised projects we have done, there are others that are worth mentioning. They are:

Pier Service Tower

  • In early 1994, Sembawang Shipyard in Singapore commissioned us to design, manufacture and install 10 units of pier service towers. The purpose of these service towers is to supply water, air, gas, electricity, hydraulic oil and lubricating oil to ships that called at their yard for repairs. The service tower is 28 metre tall with a 12 m long hydraulically powered boom. The service towers were first built in our factory, then transported to the shipyard and then installed by a barge crane. Precision manufacturing and mounting is required to ensure that the tower is perpendicular to the pier when erected.

Double Stack Trailer (DST)

  • In 1995 our company was awarded a contract to design and build 13 units of 4-axles double stack trailers (DST) for the Port of Singapore Authority (PSA). Of the 4 axles, 2 are fixed axles while the other 2 are steerable axles.
  • Again in 2012, our company was awarded another contract by PSA to supply 35 units of 5-axles DST and 25 units of 4-axles DST. In total, our company had supplied 74 units of DST to PSA.

Detachable Pontoon

  • A company in Japan commissioned us to build a pontoon to be used for dredging purposes. This pontoon has to be transportable by truck for overland transport. In order to achieve this, we built a detachable pontoon that can be detached easily and transported by 40-ft containers. Once at river site, the pontoon will be taken out by crane and assemble at the site for immediate deployment to the rivers and lakes.

Multi-Purpose Utility Truck

  • In 1990, we built three units of the multi-purpose utility trucks for the Ministry of the Environment in Singapore. The purpose of these trucks is to attend to emergency  repairs of sewer pipelines.
  • The multi-purpose utility truck is hydraulically powered.  Using the truck main propeller shaft, it is connected to 5 hydraulic pumps via a split shaft PTO.  The features of the unit are:  Two hydraulic hose-reels with a pair of 15 m long hoses each and complete with quick release couplings to power a chainsaw, trash pump, water pump, tamper, breaker etc. It also has a hydraulically powered blower with a 10 m flexible hose to pump fresh air into the manhole.

Concrete Batching Plant

  • In 1993, we were approached by RDC to design a 90 cu metre per hour dry batching plant for them.  Standard imported plants could not meet their requirements.  Our engineers sat down with RDC’s people and came out with a design that satisfied their needs. In recognition of our quality product and services, RDC rewarded us with an order for a second plant the following year.

Mobile Dental Clinic

  • Have you been to a dental clinic on wheels?  Well we built several of these dental clinics before.  The mobile dental clinic is basically a bus that serves as a clinic.  It has external power supply to power the air-conditioning, the dental chairs, lights, sterilisation equipment and other electrical appliances.  It also has an air compressor, water pump, discharge pipe etc.  Just like what you would expect in a normal dental clinic.  For the unit exported to Brunei, it even has a separate room to treat female patients.

Mobile Workshop

  • We designed and manufacture a truck mounted rear deck with canopy integrated with maintenance equipment such as air compressor, generator and greasing equipment for PSA. This mobile workshop is used to do maintenance and repairs to PSA equipment at site.


By judging the diversity and complexity of projects undertaken by us, you can conclude that we are a team of very resourceful engineers capable of solving your problem