Engineering Solution

Syntech Engineers PTE LTD has a team of professional engineers who are keen to solve customer’s problems & difficulty with innovative thinking and solid experience.
Syntech provides engineering supports for the following three areas.

Vehicle Registration & Submission

LTA Submission for registration

In order to help customer to register the vehicle for Singapore road use, Syntech will take the responsibility to check the technical specification, calculate the driving stability and submit to Singapore Land Transport Authority (LTA) for approval.

Re-Engineering & Cannibalization

Since 1980s, we have completed hundreds units of different variety environmental trucks, like vacuum tanker, compactor, water jetter, combi. etc.
Our engineers have the solid experience and capability to solve your vehicle problems of existing system modification, redesign and improvement to bring more values.


Not only vehicle engineering, we also help customers tackle their specific issues about mechanical, electrical, structural, hydraulic engineering, etc. Our professional team can be your reliable and trustable partner for those who needs customized engineering support.


Whenever there is one idea, you should give it a try!!!
Syntech team can design the prototype from sketching, engineering calculation and 3D Modelling with the initial customer’s concepts. Since we have the support from our manufacturing department, the design and quality can be easily controlled to achieve the final goal.

Special Project

Whenever you are facing engineering challenges, Syntech Engineers will provide professional analysis and engineering study to figure out the most suitable solution.
If the challenges are too complicated, we could offer our project managements to meet the special requests until customer’s problems are solved.

Design Safety

In past decades, Syntech has helped many local customers improve their existing products.
Our experienced engineer team offers solutions when customer wants to improve the engineering design of the products.
Studying the possibility for improvement and working out the optimal solutions is our strength to gain better performance or productivity. Many of our projects we used Finite element analysis (FEA) to ensure safety requirement are met.

Comprehensive Engineering Consultancy

Other than those engineering services mentioned above, Syntech Engineers also offer consultancy in terms of all related engineering area. With our technical support, customer can either take our solutions or work with us for next phase of prototype and fabrications.
Every enquiry deserves a professional answer.