Syntech Engineers Pte Ltd has been the main contractor for Goldbell Engineering for more than 20 years and still counting. As such, we had an independent department named as Total Service Provider (TSP) dedicated to serve and handle Goldbell Engineering’s sales.

Intranet System

For ease of process, we have an intranet system with Goldbell Engineering. The Intranet system allows sales personnel from Goldbell to upload their sales orders, for Goldbell sales admin to approve and for us to pick up the order to process. The whole process is transparent to all users and from there they can track the movement of the orders till delivery.

Vehicle Works

Besides installing electronic devices, we also did vehicle works such as shortening wheelbase for truck chassis, installation of prime mover 5th wheel coupling, installation of side guards and underrun bumper, tool box etc.

PDI and Truck Inspection

Part of TSP includes a PDI section that take care of the washing, polishing and QC check before delivery. We also take care of the registration and inspection of the trucks.