Crawler Scissor Lift

In 1990, we were commissioned to design and build 16 units of crawler scissor lifts for a project in Saudi Arabia. This project is for the building of a multi-storey carpark around Medina mosque, the second holiest site in the world for Muslims.

The purpose of these crawlers are to lift 2 types of formworks, one weighing 12 tons and the other weighing 24 tons, up to a height of 4.5 m above ground.

We came up with a design for 2 types of crawlers. Type A with twin pairs of scissors that is capable of lifting 24 tons and Type B with a single pair of scissors which is capable of lifting 12 tons.

For the first unit, a trial test was held in Singapore where actual concrete casting were performed. After the trial, the unit was taken apart and shipped to Saudi Arabia. Upon arrival, our team of engineers went over to Medina, Saudi Arabia and have it assembled and commissioned.